Vintage The Ultimate Treat

Vintage Girl Nicole supplies vintage items and accessories, vintage inspired accessories and pre loved Items and accessories  

Whether you need your vintage item to be in perfect or near perfect condition depends on whether you intend to add items to a collection or whether you wish to acquire unique and individual items with which to augment your wardrobe.

Vintage Girl Nicole holds a wide range of vintage bags and accessories in a variety of colours and styles on both the Vintage Girl Nicole website shop and on the EBay store; both sites are accessible through the website and website store  

Why buy vintage and pre loved items?

It's really quite simple, old things look fabulous and were made to last  If you buy a new item today, it might look great now, but it is unlikely to last because the build quality of modern items is not designed to last. 

Another concept of buying vintage and preloved items is that of recycling.  New items add to the planets growing mounds of plastics and other non bio degradables  

I hope you find something to suit your wardrobe, but if you do not and need further assistance, please contact me, I may be able to help  

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